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Simultaneon was an avant-garde music and live video performance that occurred simultaneously in Wellington, New Zealand, and in Berlin, Germany, for three days/nights from Tuesday 1 March to Thursday 3 March 2011 as part of the 2011 Wellington Fringe Festival.

More info at the Simultaneon site here

Simultaneon was an improvised, reciprocal performance piece conceived online via live video streaming in the manner of the production itself. With production teams based on opposite sides of the globe in the creative hubs of Wellington, New Zealand and Berlin, Germany, Simultaneon successfully utilised the modes of modern communication and international collaboration made possible by the internet.

Occurring simultaneously in Wellington and Berlin over 3 days, the performance involved the international transfer of visual and audio stimulants. In Wellington, New Zealand musicians performed an experimental soundtrack piece which was live streamed to Berlin, where performance artists, dancers and VJ’s combined to produce a live, single take video experience that was immediately relayed back to the Wellington venue as accompaniment to the music.

Below is the stream capture from the first day of performance.

https://www.dylanbakker.com/files/gimgs/th-9_SImultaneon_promo_photo_Br copy.jpg