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gape is Berlin´s experimental lounge


One Saturday per month from October 2014 to February of 2015, gape will expose audiences to 4 hours of cutting edge experimental improvised live performing arts, as well as onenightonly exhibitions, installations, video works and live music. Each month a selected visual artist will be exhibited, with these works providing the theme for development of up to 6 site and time specific performances per month.

gape provides a new platform for genre defying contemporary works, offering artists a expansive platform in space to present, network and collaborate, and offering audiences the complete immersive experience inside Berlin's best sunset lounge, at Plateau Gallery in Greenhouse Berlin.

gape is a non-profit event seeking to utilize the networks of Berlin's vast creative pool. Admission fee's are maintained in order to supply artists with the basic needs, and to cover the costs of producing and promoting the events.

gape is produced and curated by artists Maria De Faria, Dylan Bakker, Michiyasu Furutani and Marie Klinke, together with Albom project, Lysergic and WideScope Collective.

Following the 6 month inhabitance, gape will publish a book of photography and text based around the special performances and happenings.