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Live sound design work for performance The peep box

Performance text from http://www.peddaborowski.com/

The new performance by Maria de Faria and pedda Borowski “The peep box, behind of the thought monologue with life” is conceived as work-in-progress concept. Both, the dance performance artist De Faria and the painter Borowski are situated during their presentation in a small cubicle. This mobile miniature-workshop measures 140 x 140 x 220 cm (l /w/ h). Black textile walls with eye-sized peepholes invite the audience to watch. De Faria performs her dance – Borowski illustrates the scene. The theme of her dance are text passages from a dream diary written by Maria De Faria. Every new presentation calls another passage into play. In their 30 minutes presentation, both artists are wearing paper masks, sculptures made from intertwined paperstrips with De Faria’s text passages that are processed , mashup style into the texture. The performance is congenially accompanied by electronic-acoustic sound collages produced live from the sound-designer Dylan Bakker. The peepholes allow observation of the “art process at the workplace”. Maria de Faria and pedda Borowski, in particular make the contemporary dance a subject of discussion, here in an extremely constraint space. It is their intention to reanimate with the presentation a famous couple in arts history: The painter and his model, a type of art-couple, that almost seems to have disappeared from today’s performing arts.

Photos by Roger Rossell