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Untitled 1 (Colibri) Limited edition of 23 (+1 x AP), signed and numbered.
Untitled 2 (Alex) Limited edition of 22 (+1 x AP), signed and numbered.
Untitled 3 (Willems Hand) Limited edition of 16 (+1 x AP), signed and numbered.

From the 'Rumble in the Jungle' exhibition at Neuro Titan Gallery in Berlin Sept. 2017.

2 color print featuring collage artwork printed on Hahnemühle 'Alt Worms' 300g/m² handmade paper. Paper size 78cm x 54cm

The print background is a vibrant rainbow gradient pull, and the details are printed in black. As it's all done by hand, small variations in the prints will occur.

Hahnemühle 'Alt Worms'
Its a beautiful paper to handle. The surface is velor and soft. It's without optical brightener, acid-free, neutralized and alkaline buffered and it fulfills the criteria for the highest resistance to aging according to ANSI Z 39.48-1992, DIN ISO 9706 and DIN 6738.

The images are drawn from my collection of ancient books I hunt for in the early hours on the Flea Markets in Berlin, particularly in this case a German Encyclopedia from 1896, a book about Dynamic Earth Gelology and a publication featuring Berlin achitectural monuments.

This edition can be purchased via Lysergic as usual.