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A short motion film based on a performance created by Moriava in December 2014 at the Plateau Gallery in Greenhouse, Berlin.

It is a ritual, a prayer, opening the door that should never have been closed in the first place.
How much of the inner world can survive in daylight? How many dreams can come to truth? Finding the ways to flow, the breeding needed to create.

Written and Directed by Maria Cukor
Music by Moriava
Director of Photography Jan Durina
Dance performance by Fina Brendtner
Additional Silhouettes Ivan Leroy, Fellipe Vergani
Lighting by Alex Goldberg
Production Assistants Paula Durinova, David Stichling, Gabriele Aicardi
Costume and Scene by Maria Cukor
Floor landscape by Avital Yomdin
Editing and Post Production by Dylan Bakker
Filmed at Plateau Gallery, Greenhouse, Berlin
Special thanks to Marie Klinke
Produced by Maria Cukor and Dylan Bakker 2015



Bakakuri - BBKK - Video Music Official
Recorded at The Residence, Funkhaus Berlin
Stereo master by Eutechnik. Thanks Eutechik.

Brought to you by OIL



Dance - Michiyasu Furutani
Camera - Robin Lochmann
Visuals - VJ Chuuu
Lighting - Alex Goldberg

Catering - Steven Windows
Direction, Music, Production - Dylan Bakker
Edit - Ralph McClure

Filmed at Blood Orange East, Berlin



A visual and tonal montage

View full screen in HIGH definition

Music + E N T + TAMALES from Central Complex

Video Dylan Bakker

radicalempires.com NZ
rangirecordings.com DE


Photographed in Upper Hutt NZ and edited in Friedrichshain, East Berlin, Margerine is E N T's first video from 2012's epic album 'STREET DREAMS'.

Photography Nathan Taare
Montage and Post Production Dylan Bakker

Margerine, from the album Street Dreams, entsound.bandcamp.com/album/street-dreams


Copyright RangiRecordings 2013


Recorded live at Blood Orange East in May 2013

Featuring Michiyasu Furutani with musicians Dylan Bakker, Chuuu and Kurihara Takuya.

Additional camera work by Fine Brendtner and Antoine Capeyrone.

Audio recording by Outburst with Adam Attics



Filmed rainy last day of May 310513 in the bedroom/studio of painter Kurihara in Nekuölln Berlin.

Video edited by Dylan Bakker




Produced between Berlin, Germany and Wellington, New Zealand, Bovine Tremendor is the 4th in a series of collaborative video exercises between Berlin based Dylan Bakker and Wellington based Nathan Taare.

The video was produced using a meticulous, collaborative method. A time code was agreed on between the collaborators, who then each supplied 5 specific photographs. Combined, these photographs provided a starting point for independent conceptual development of themes, symbolism and imagery. Filming and editing took place in East Berlin, whilst all audio work was completed seperately in Wellington. The finished piece was completed to a tight deadline, and video (Bovine) and audio (Tremendor) tracks were combined for the first time in post production.

Bovine Tremendor continues an exploration of collaboration, synchronicity and channeling techniques that began in early 2010 with the short films Engaland Risk Assessment, Identity Click and Byke-Life.

It is recommended that Bovine Tremendor be viewed in full screen HD with the volume up.


Filmed in Treptower Park, Berlin. Sumone Productions 2010. Edit by Dylan Bakker. Music by Nathan Taare


The first in a series of collaborative exercises. Soundtrack and visual track were produced independently following a 20 minute telepathy session and using a randomly generated time code. Video by Dylan Bakker. Audio by Nathan Taare


The second in a series of collaborative exercises. In this instance, the visual and audio tracks were produced independently of each other, with cues provided by a randomly generated click track. Themes were explored during a pre-production discussion around the time of New Zealand's Waitangi Day. Video by Dylan Bakker, Audio by Nathan Taare


The third in a series of collaborative exercises. This time around the visual imagery was photographed by Nathan Taare, while Dylan Bakker recorded the audio tracks in a separate room. Rooms were then swapped and roles restored to normal, and Dylan edited the video track while Nathan mixed and mastered the audio track.


Music video for New Zealand singer/songwriter Timothy Blackman. Filmed in Wellington and the Hutt Valley 2006.


Slit throat on the hills of windy Wellington. Introducing Cory Grinder, New Zealand's most notorious serial killer. www.sumoneproductions.com


Zombie short film shot in Wellington 2006.


Artworks from Quergänge Marzahn, an interactive art and object exhibition at Galerie M, Marzahn, from 4 Sept to 4 Nov, curated by Dylan Bakker.


Animation of Kurihara's paintings, shot in the artists studio, Tacheles Berlin 2009. Music by Battles



Recorded live at Flughafen Berlin-Tempelhof

Music and performance by NEWIST (NEW TROPIC)

Produced by Sumone Productions

Directed and produced by Nathan Taare and Dylan Bakker

Rabbit/Driver - Oliver Schirmer
Rooster/Director's Assistant - Simone Bilgram
Cameras/Nuns - Dylan Bakker and Robin Lochmann
Stills Photography/Nun - Christiane Pronold
Location Manager - Frederick Poppenk

Thanks to Kreativ Ampel, 25p *cine support, Noisy Rooms, The Knot

Thanks to Alex Forge, Young sam Kim, Alexa Wilson, Ruth Le Gear, Daniel Engelhardt

Shot on location at Flughafen Berlin Tempelhof 22 May 2010

Copyright 2010 Rangi Recordings and Sumone Productions